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Cayo Blanco from Varadero

Cayo Blanco has been geared up for tourism and features a dock, washrooms and a bar. There is no accommodation on Cayo Blanco yet but it is only a matter of time. The island sees several boat excursions per day, primarily from the Hotels in Varadero. An all-inclusive maritime cruise takes you by Catamaran to […]

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Cayo Hijo de Cayo Blanco

Is the second island and much smaller than Cayo Blanco. However, day trips to the island from Varadero are common and it is equally populated with 1000s of Iguanas like its bigger brother Cayo Blanco. In fact, many people end up on Cayo Hijo de Cayo Blanco thinking they are actually on Cayo Blanco. The […]

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